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Since WotC's decision to not continue the production of classic trading card games, Spellfire has been turned over to the fans for support. As part of this support we have been given permission to make custom Spellfire cards for casual and official tournament play. All you need to know about creating custom cards, from using TSR art to how to make a card, can be found in the custom card guide which you can view or download:

Spellfire Custom Card Guide - [HTML]
Spellfire Custom Card Guide - [Word]

Need the Spellfire font and icons? Download the Spellfire Custom Graphics Package - [ZIP]

The Online "Sticker" Boosters

The Sticker Boosters are tournament legal Spellfire expansions custom designed by the Spellfire community and posted here (online). They are considered "no edition" cards and are images that are printable on sticker paper, which you can then place on old card backs for play.

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