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Card Lists

This page contains links to full card lists for base sets and expansions sets of the Spellfire CCG. All released cards (including promos) can be found in these lists.

At present you may download the lists either in Excel format or Rich Text format. Remember to right click (or hold for Mac users) in order to select the documents for download. Since these files have every Spellfire card listed, they are somewhat large. If you need specific sets only, or if you need the lists saved in a different format, just e-mail me.

Card Lists - All sets and expansions columnized by expansion/set, card number, card name, world logo, card type, rarity, and price.

Note that the prices listed represent the median price that a card is worth to collectors and players. Thus, cards may, depending on demand, fetch slightly more or less than the listed price.

Thanks to Paul Morrow for his corrections to these lists and Pog'S for added functionality!

Excel Spreadsheet
RTF Document

Crossfire Generated Lists - All the card sets are represented (including the online boosters). Each listing for a card also has the latest game text and blueline for that card.

Note that the ists are categorized by set and then card number. So, you can't search by card name if you don't know the set and card number for the card you're interested in.

Thanks to the Crossfire Development Team for making this available!

Crossfire Card List Homepage

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