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Tournaments & Rankings

Ogre's League - The sigup period for this year's league has ended. Details for the League Format can be viewed here.

Tournaments - Below is a list of Spellfire tournaments for the year. If you would like to list your tournament here, send me !

2nd Spellfire Tournament In Szekesfehervar
Date: July 3, 2005
Time: 9:00 am.
Place: "Legends" Fantasy & Sci-Fi Bookstore - Szekesfehervar, Tavirda
str. 2. "Tower Mall" 2nd. floor.- 8000, Hungary. :o)

Contact: G'smo (gismo"At"freemail.hu)

Players on a tournament.: ~ 10-15

Rules and Deck:
1. Standard 2.0 Rules w/Dungeon - Online Boosters are Restricted.
2. Deck Size = 75 (Theme deck or World War Deck)
3. Entry Fee = 1300 HUF (equal ~ $6.3 or 5.1 EUR)
4. Time Limit = As needed.
5. 4 player multi-game (1st.: 6 point, 2nd.:4, 3rd.:2, last:1)
6. Prize-list: After points are summed, the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, and the last.
7. Awards: DECK PROTECTORS,DECK BOXES,BOOSTERS,rememberance T-Shirt.

Please visit.: Our fansite http://spellfire.ini.hu

Date: March 19, 2005
Time: 1:00 pm.
Place: Other Realms - 18226 Flower Hill Way - Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Contact: Rog M (rgrmrdth"At"yahoo.com)

Format: Because of the small number of players (9-12), you will need a 55 and 75 card deck if you wish to play in both tournaments. Yes, two tournaments in one. The only card(s) I plan on banning is POL (Poor Oriental Lord) and WOV (Wealthy Oriental Vessal). It will be open to all sets (on and off line) and copies (color) are allowed. The other rules will be standard Spellfire 2.0 Rules w/Dungeon.

55 Deck from 1:00 p.m. thru 4:30 p.m.- Each Round will not exceed one hour.
75 Deck from 4:30 p.m. thru 9:00 p.m.- Each Round will not exceed 1.5 hours.

Rules and Deck:
1. Standard 2.0 Rules w/Dungeon - Online Boosters are OK - With cards covers, Color copies (have to be able to see the picture and read the words) are OK.
2. Bared cards are "Poor Oriental Lord" and "Wealthy Oriental Vassal".
3. Deck Size = 55 and 75 (Yes, two tournaments in one)
4. Entry Fee = $5 per deck
5. Time Limit = As needed.
6. Points are awarded to the victor. (e.g. 9 players would equal 45 points for card choice.)
7. Victory = Get to choose, based on points, from a stack of Chase cards.
FYI - There is a Giant/Safeway next door. Furthermore, Ogre will be joining us.

Directions from I270:
1. Take the Shady Grove Rd Exit toward Shady Grove Metro Station
a. IF south bound - go left (toward 355)
b. IF north bound - go right (toward 355)
2. Drive until you come to Midcounty Highway (about 10 lights) - go left
3. Drive to highway 124 (about 2 lights) - go right
4. Drive to Flower Hill way (about 2 lights) - go right
5. go left (in Giant parking lot) - Other Realms is on the right - Park.
Call me (Roger Merideth, not related to Don Meredith) at 301-921-3080 (Cell) or 301-921-3080 (work) if you need more information.

Spellfire Rankings - Cummulative Spellfire ratings points are listed for each player in the Player Registry.

All tournament results should be sent to Hayden Courtland (hacourtland99"at"alum.vassar.edu) for official processing. Remember that for tournament results to be official, you must have 9 or more players.

Tournament Photo Gallery - Photographs taken from a variety of Spellfire events can be found in this archival gallery.

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